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  • Learn to make the most of your prestashop as (does not require coding)
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I wanted to congratulate you on your Prestashop 1 and 2 course , but mostly for the service so attentive and efficient. Daniel is like a guardian angel who is always there to solve your problems.
You can be sure it will not be the last to do with you .
Thank you very much . Antonio Merino

congratulations for the courses, great video tutorials, well explained and always from a very practical and useful in real projects view. Isidoro Rivera

Hi, I ‘ve taken some courses and are very good, because they go to the point of what you really need to know …
and support via chat is quite good. regards Rodrigo

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Course Content

Installation and local environment

1.1 Presentation
1.2 Installing on Mac
1.3 Installing on Windows
1.4 Installing Prestashop

Prestashop Backoffice

2.1 Backoffice and category
2.2 Creating and editing products
2.3 Attributes
2.4 Features
2.5 Customizable product
2.6 Customizing
2.7 Attachments
2.8 Discounts
2.9 Mapping


3.1 clients
3.2 Notes
3.3 Customer Management
3.4 Contacts and Gender

Payment Gateway

4.1 Bank Transfer
4.2 Paypal
4.3 Verifying
4.4 Alternative ways of payment


5.1 Orders
5.2 Adding an order
5.3 The order status
5.4 Returns
5.5 Returns and vouchers
5.6 Message Order
5.7 Taxes

Statistics and Configuration

6.1 A look at the statistics
6.2 Configuration and Navigation
6.3 Search
6.4 References


7.1 Modules
7.2 Front Office
7.3 Live Edit
7.4 Recommended Modules

Firebug and Webdeveloper

8.1 intro Topics
8.3 Structure and Firefox
8.3 Firebug
8.4 Web developer


9.1 Preferences
9.2 Preferences 2
9.3 Geolocation


10.1 Administration
10.2 Quick access
10.3 Employees and profiles


11.1 Multistore

Remote server

12.1 Server
12.2 Configuration FTP and upload
12.3 Remote Installation
12.4 BackUp

POS Module

13.1 tpv

Importing CSV data

14.1 version 2
14.2 Import
14.3 States
14.4 Importing from Excel

Development Environment

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Work Tools
1.3 Prepare the framework

Working with views

2.1 Update view
2.2 Loading a css
2.3 Development header with css
2.4 Jquery effects
2.5 The logo
2.6 Override
2.7 Override css
2.8 Exercise
2.9 Solution


3.1 Customizing modules 1/2
3.2 Customizing modules 2/2


4.1 Hooks
4.2 Create a hook
4.3 Our first Hook


5.1 Images
5.2 Typography
5.3 Seo


6.1 mobile view
6.2 Exporting a theme